3D Digital Literacy Reflection

Before starting this module I had some experience with Maya’s interface and its basic functions, but was still very new to working in a 3D programme. Classes and homework were helpful to learn the basics of each production stage and it was beneficial to have demonstrations and the opportunity to ask questions.

The ‘Floating City’ project introduced me to the pipeline of working on a 3D project in a group. It helped me get to grips with modelling and the tools available. I enjoyed working on the project but I made mistakes that seem obvious in hindsight. However, this provided a foundation of understanding leading into the 30-second short project, because I was able to avoid the same pitfalls and knew what to expect in terms of the pipeline.

The first short I animated on the ‘Animation Studies’ project took me a long time to complete; I didn’t fully understand the graph editor and I was putting in too many key frames. I think each short is better than the last because I built on what I had learned from the previous one; became a lot quicker at animating and started to really enjoy the process rather than finding it tedious.

Despite Maya being challenging, unpredictable and frustrating at times; I have learned to work with it and love learning more about how I can utilize it and develop my skills. I like problem solving so I find the challenges ultimately rewarding. So far the production stage has been my favourite and I am enjoying working in 3D a lot more than I anticipated.

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