Animation Strategies Module Reflection

Second year so far has been a big step up from first year. I think I have progressed in my skills and knowledge this semester, but I definitely haven’t progressed as much as I should have or wanted to when I compare my work to that of my peers. I found it difficult to get back into uni work at the start of the semester and I am now regretting not building on my skills over the summer holidays because I think that is where I have fallen behind a bit. Even though I was working full-time, doing some animation related work on the side would have made a difference for the start of this semester. I didn’t realise how easy it is to get rusty and I now see how important it is to keep up the momentum.

I struggled to juggle the simultaneously ongoing projects and found that my time management has really slipped this semester. Come next semester, I’m going to re-evaluate how I am dividing my time up during the week and how I can make the hours I do have as efficient as possible, because time management is something that I used to have a good handle on during the second half of first year. My goal is to secure my art fundamentals next semester too.

With all that being said, I do recognise that I have improved. I have become a lot more efficient at modelling and now have a much firmer grasp of topology and UV mapping. I think my animating has improved and I have learned more about lighting. I’ve noticed an improvement in my conceptualising too and am starting to narrow down which aspects of the pipeline are my strengths and the most enjoyable. Overall, this semester has been quite challenging for me but it has been worthwhile because it has shown me where my weaknesses are which has motivated me to take action to improve during the rest of second year.

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